Q. Do you offer tastings and how does it work?
A. We offer tastings for wedding clients and there is not a fee. One hour is allotted for a tasting/consultation meeting. We will  go over design ideas, themes etc. Although this is one of the fun aspects in the wedding planning and you may want to include your family and friends, I encourage that only the bride and groom attend and perhaps anyone who is going to be a part of the decision making.

Q. What should I bring to the consultation?
A. It is so helpful when a couple comes prepared. Please bring anything that will help inspire the cake design. I always appreciate it if couples bring a few photos of cake designs they like so I can get a feel for their style preference. Bringing color swatches, invitation, photo of your gown and any elements of your wedding design are always wonderful. Having a Pinterest board is a great way to get started and share your vision.

Q. When should I schedule our tasting?
A. If you are getting married between May-November, I suggest scheduling a consultation at least  8-12 months in advance. Since we are a boutique bakery, we can only accommodate a limited number of weddings each weekend to provide the exceptional service we offer. We book up quickly during peak wedding season especially between June and October.

Q. How much are your wedding cakes?
A. Generally, our wedding cakes run about $6.50 per person. The final price is based upon the complexity of the design. For weddings over 100 people, we do suggest supplemental side cakes to serve guests. The side cakes are priced at a lower cost per person and is a way to keep your cake cost down. Side cakes are not seen by the guests. The caterer would keep it in their prep area and would be cut in addition to the wedding cake. I suggest this because a cake for 100 is a very nice size and there is no reason to overpay when you don’t need to.

Q. How much are your party cakes?
A. Because party cakes are just as much work (sometimes more) than a wedding cake, we have a minimum order of $125. Generally this is a 9″ and 6″ 2 tier cake.

Q. Do you deliver?
A. We deliver and set up all of our wedding cakes and cupcake towers and displays. Delivery fees start at $75.

Q. How do I reserve my wedding date?
A. A $200 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your wedding date. The deposit is applied to your total.

Q. Do you have a brochure of your cakes and designs?
A. The majority of our cakes are posted on our website and blog. Every cake we create is custom made for each client so they are all a bit different and our blog is the best way to see our work.

Q. Do you have a list of vendors you would suggest?
A. Here are some wonderful vendors I would suggest. Click here.




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