Wedding Sweet’s Table video by Matt Stambaugh Media

A couple of weekends ago I had the honor of creating a sweets table for Tiffany and Jeff’s amazing wedding. So what’s the big deal about putting a sweets table together. I’m sure many people getting married consider doing it themselves or having a friend or relative do it. It’s just buying a bunch of candy and putting it in jars and putting it on a table…right? Just like any other professional you hire it all comes down to the design, skill, experience and execution and that’s really what you are investing in. Just like all the other professionals you research and hire for your wedding, your wedding cake designer, cupcake maker or sweets table designer should have lots of experience, talent, solid reputation, outstanding client testimonials and be able to execute your vision.

Tiffany and Jeff’s wedding was beyond spectacular. The plan was to set up the sweets table outside under a pretty tree during dinner, but mother nature decided to cast a light mist after the ceremony and throughout the evening. Last minute decisions had to be made and the catering team from Weddings by JDK and I decided that under the porch near the tree would work the best. Unforeseen circumstances do happen at weddings and it usually has to do with weather. It is so important to have a plan B and plan C. We went with plan C. I had a feeling that weather might cause some changes in the plan so I arrived extra early and cleared by evening because I wanted to make sure everything went smoothly and perfectly. When selecting your vendors it’s important to make sure they are flexible and it helps when the vendors you hire are comfortable with each other and have worked together before.

Matt with Matt Stambaugh Media did the beautiful cinematography for the wedding and was kind enough to create this short clip of Tiffany and Jeff’s sweets table in action. I loved seeing the guests enjoy the experience!

Couture Cakery // Camp Hill, PA from Matt Stambaugh on Vimeo.

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