Wedding Stationery Artist Kristy Rice with Momental Designs

  You are probably wondering why I am sharing a photo of my phone. Well, it’s not the phone but the art covering my phone that is so special. As I always say, weddings become unforgettable events because of the “details” and stationery is truly one of the most important details couples should not overlook.  Everything from the save the date, invitation, escort cards to the table numbers all set the tone for creating a personalized and memorable wedding. Today, I’m so excited to share the beautiful artistry of wedding stationery artist Kristy Rice with Momental Designs. I first saw Kristy’s work when I saw this party she hosted. I was so impressed with her work. She has taken her talent and created an incredibly successful business. She just started selling Iphone covers with her artwork on them and I bought one as soon as she announced it and got mine yesterday.

Her hand painted water colors are just beautiful. I love my Iphone cover by the way…more than Suri 🙂

I asked Kristy what she likes most about working with couples. Here’s what she had to say:
“I am a storyteller at heart. Not sure I realized this until a few years ago as I thought I just loved weddings. Of course weddings and all their beautiful traditions inspire me but the true magic for me is telling a couple’s story. Discovering a couple, becoming their friend, learning about what makes them tick and love each other is the real magic of my process. Interpreting love stories in paper, paint and words is where it’s at!”

I was in San Francisco earlier this year and stopped by La Tavola Linen. Linens, by the way, are another detail I always encourage couples to invest in. You don’t need to provide special linens for all the tables, but it is especially nice to rent a few special ones for escort card, cake, sweetheart and dessert tables.The beautiful hand painted table number above by Kristy was displayed in their show room.

I loved seeing all the colors and textures of the linens.

When I walked into showroom, I immediately recognized Kristy’s work. This was a beautiful hand painted menu card.

Love the bold and unique patterns.

Another beautiful menu card by Kristy. The linens and the stationery both compliment each other.
The menu above is displayed on china from Maggpie Vintage Rentals.

I asked Kristy what her most memorable design has been so far. Here’s what she had to say:
“Oh my, the most memorable design? This changes daily I think!! Honestly, I believe we created a new favorite just yesterday:
Photo above by Kristy Rice, Momental Design

This design was inspired by the brides love of bright color, pattern and her favorite painter Chagall. Vintage books are wrapped in alternating watercolor pattern bookcovers with big poppies painted on each. Inside a Chagall-esque painting of ours takes the stage against blue watercolor stripes. Even the book spines are personalized. I love, love am IN Love with this creation. 
I always say that cake is my canvas to share my art and paper is Kristy’s canvas. I often gain inspiration for my cake designs from wedding details such as the stationery. The most beautiful weddings come together because of the intricate collaboration of the vendors.  I always consult with the event designer, planner, stationer and florist if I can to make sure everything coordinates. Attention to detail is what will make your wedding day spectacular.

Be sure to visit Momental Designs website and blog to see more of Kristy’s beautiful custom wedding stationery. I’m so excited I get to enjoy seeing her artwork everyday when I use my phone 🙂 

Thank you Kristy for sharing your artistry with me.

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