Gingerbread Man Decorating with Blake

On my last visit to Trader Joe’s I bought their “Really Big” Gingerbread Man Kit. My four year old had a blast today using his impeccable decorating skills to create this beautiful cookie.

Yes…I am plugging Trader Joe’s with the hope they will put a store in closer to me!
It all begins with the hair, eyes, nose and mouth of course.
 Here is my son displaying the piping and decorating skills I have been teaching him.
 Yes, as a professional 4 year old decorator you must sample the royal icing directly out of the piping bag.
 Lots of sprinkles are a must when decorating a giant gingerbread man.
 Lots of perfectly placed M&M’s too!
 The final result is this beautiful gingerbread man we will all enjoy eating!
Happy Holidays from Blake 🙂

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