Donut making with sous chef Blake

I was at Kohl’s purchasing my 3rd Artisan Kitchen Aid mixer a few months ago (with my additional 30% off coupon), and since I can’t leave there without spending several hundred dollars, I saw this donut maker on sale too. With my 30% off coupon it ended up being about $15…so I bought it along with a cotton candy making machine…which I’m sure will stay in the box longer than the 3 months that this donut maker sat for. Sunday is my day to relax and regroup and my assistant Blake really wanted to make donuts today so I broke open the box and here are the results.

Blake’s choice was the chocolate buttermilk donut. I pulled out my finest cocoa to make the gourmet mini donuts. Special thanks to Anna at Hershey for keeping me stocked with a supply of Scharffen Berger!

Blake was originally hired to be my official “putter inner” of cupcake liners into the tins. His compensation is cupcakes of course and seems to be pretty happy with that for now. He is trying to climb up the ladder at The Couture Cakery, so I thought I’d give him a little more responsibility by putting him in charge of the donut making. Here he is putting the sugar into the bowl…didn’t spill one bit 🙂

After combining the dry and wet ingredients, Blake tried to manage holding the mixer without batter flying everywhere…it’s pretty big and heavy for a 4 year old you know.

The batter went into the Babycakes donut machine and in just 4 short minutes voila! Donuts!!!

After Blake made the icing, he carefully spooned it onto each donut.

Of course, lots of sprinkles are necessary to make a tasty donut.

Mmmm they actually looked yummy!

Blake inspects the donut…and the result is….


Chocolate donut with white icing and sprinkles. Love the bit of icing on his lip 🙂 He was so proud of himself.

Want one?

Here’s mine…it was delish!

I highly recommend the Baby Cakes donut maker for a fun and easy family activity. I guess if your kids are going to eat a donut baked is better than fried…but I’ll take a hot crispy fried donut any day!

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