24 Hour Sugar Rush Adventure in NYC – Day 2

After completely stuffing ourselves on day one, we got up early to visit as many places as possible before heading home so Emily could get to class that evening. We first went to Grand Central Market in Grand Central Station. I wanted to stop by my favorite spice company Penzeys Spice to pick up cinnamon (they offer at least 4 different varieties) and some lemon extract. There are some wonderful fresh fish, meat and fine food vendors in the market too.

In the Grand Central Station dining area, we enjoyed a delicious New York bagel and had cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery…the breakfast of champions. We tried the Red Velvet with a buttercream frosting (not sure if there was really butter in it) and a devil’s food with cream cheese frosting. The consensus was the cake was awesome. but the frostings were just okay. A little too sweet.

I wanted to take Emily to Eataly (another favorite spot of mine) and on our walk over we passed through the Union Square Greenmarket. The beautiful displays of local veggies and fruit were amazing. Yummy looking breads and florals filled the square. I loved these sunflowers. Bees were buzzing all over them.

The vast selection of vegetables and fruits were so colorful. I especially loved the purple hues of the eggplants in the basket and the stacks of radishes and carrots.

We next went to Eataly. If you are in New York, it’s a must go to spot. Amazing fresh pasta, breads and much more you can purchase, plus several delicious dining areas. Check out the $227 small bottle of balsamic vinegar! I’d be afraid to use it 🙂

My favorite thing at Eataly is getting a cup of espresso. Watching it pressed out of the enormous espresso machine is worth the trip there. Love it!
We had about an hour left before heading home, so we jumped in a cab and headed to Chelsea Market. In addition to the Food Network shows being filmed there, the market has the most amazing shops. Pretty cupcakes at Eleni’s.

The theme cookies at Eleni’s were pretty amazing too!

We also tried some of the delicious chocolates at Jacques Torres Chocolate. Decadent and delicious!

If you want the best preserves, stop by Sarabeth’s. Their restaurant near Central Park is another favorite spot of mine. As our trip was coming to an end, I spotted the very cool looking il Laboratoria del Gelato near the hotel. I have a total weakness for gelato and tried the buttermilk and the green tea flavors. They were very good.

A couple of slices of Ray’s Pizza for the car ride and we were ready to go.

What an amazing 24 hour foodie trip…so much fun, but I’m not eating for 2 days!


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