United Way Cupcake Construction Event

Yesterday, the Bridges Society of the United Way of the Capital Region had a reception at the beautiful WITF building in Harrisburg. They wanted to incorporate cupcakes into the event and wanted something where guests could participate. I thought creating a mosaic with cupcakes would look pretty cool…here’s how it went.

I had to create a grid so I could create fondant toppers to go on each cupcake to create the image. I thought the United Way logo would be the perfect image. The final creation would be 3 feet by 2 feet and was made up of over 120 cupcakes.

First, each guest selected a cupcake….

After they picked their cupcake, they put a swirl of frosting on it and placed a fondant tile on it. I mixed them all up so people would not know what the image was going to be. Each tile was marked with a number which corresponded to a square on the grid.

The first cupcake on the grid…

Oooo…it’s working!

Everyone got involved and the cupcake construction was in full swing.

The final result was this cupcake mosaic of their logo….voila!

Here’s Emily my intern for the summer. She a doll and was a huge help 🙂

The event was wonderful and was catered by The JDK Group. Doesn’t this table look amazing!

This was my favorite…roast beef crostini with a yummy horseradish sauce.

The Asian meatballs were served on steaming rocks..how cool is that.

Grilled veggies…

A beautiful presentation and delicious food.

A special thanks to Joe Roller with the United Way of the Capital Region for coordinating a wonderful event, The JDK Group for the fantastic food and service and to David Everett who invited me to be a part of this event.


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