Eric’s Bar Mitzvah at the Blue Ridge Country Club

I had the pleasure of creating a cupcake tower for Eric’s Bar Mitzvah at the Blue Ridge Country Club in Harrisburg. It was quite an event with amazing decorations, professional entertainers and more.

The theme was “Lucky 13”. The logo designed for the party was the inspiration for the cupcake tower and display. The colors I used were lime green, silver and black.

The fondant decorations on the cupcakes included Eric’s initials and stars with 13 on them.

The cupcake flavors included banana cupcakes with chocolate frosting, chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting and carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.Instead of a cake toppers, I created a sign with the logo to complete the cupcake tower.

As always, it was a pleasure working with Conrad with Blue Ridge.

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