A visit with Master Chocolatier Frederic Loraschi

I had the honor of meeting one of the best chocolatiers in the United States today. I happened to be watching the World Chocolate Masters show on TLC a week ago and discovered that one of the competitor resided right here in Central PA. We connected on Facebook and chatted as the show was going on which was really fun. Frederic Loraschi (left in photo) did an amazing job in the competition. He was runner up and won the best tasting award in the entire competition.

Frederic was so kind to show me and my friends his amazing chocolate making facility. I thought I was just going to stop by and just pick up the chocolates I ordered, but he spent an hour with us chatting and sharing his amazing experiences.

We couldn’t help ourselves from sampling most of them even though they were way to pretty to eat. Wow…seriously the BEST chocolates I have ever had. Amazing texture, smooth and not to sweet and just delicious. All of them were just decadent. Here is his menu.

The Tornado which is is a white chocolate with key lime caramel filling was I think my favorite, but they were all so good.

If you want an amazing chocolate experience visit Frederic’s website Chocolat to order.

I’m looking forward to incorporating his creations in future dessert tables and wedding favors!

*(Photo credit for 1st photo: http://www.pastryprofiles.com/us_world_choc.html)


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