New York Cake, fun, fun

I just got home from attending a cake show in New York City. It was yesterday and today and I had a great time talking to and learning from some of the incredibly talented cake artists who did demos for the 2 days. Most of them have been on Food Network or Amazing Cakes (TLC) challenges. I’m sure your will recognize some of them. There was also a cake challenge and the winning cake is below. It was a New York theme and teams of 2 professional designers worked just 4 hours to finish their creations. There was also a cake decorating contest and some of the entries I liked are below too. Never quit learning if you want to continue to get better! I’m so motivated and inspired 🙂

Michelle Bommarito demoing bows. She is mega high energy.

Ashley Vicos – Sweet Ashleys, Atlanta, GA
She’s a hoot. She’s talking about stencils. She had a bunch of cakes to cover for a class, so I chipped in and helped her cover about 7 cakes.

Toba Garrett teaching us about brush embroidery technique. She is also an instructor at ICE in New York City and has a book on cake design available.

Charmaine Jones owner of Cake Diva in New York City is showing us about coloring flower petals. She was so great.

Michelle Doll shares her talents in bow making. She’s in NY too and I love her clean and elegant work.

Alexandria Pellegrino owner of Cake Opera, came from Toronto, Canada to share her incredible talent of hand painting on cakes and sculpting figures. She won the last Food Network Challenge she participated in which was fashion cakes. Her work is really amazing.

Winning cake in the 4 hour team professional challenge.

Here is one of the entries in the contest I thought was cute.

Love this cake! It was big and the theme was Marie Antoinette cakes. It actually had a big 3 tier cake elevated about the couch too!

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