50th Birthday Cake

Okay…I really felt like Duff on Ace of Cakes making this one! I had a request to make the client’s dad laying on a couch and incorporate his 3 grandkids, his favorite NFL team and his ever close beer in hand. The fun part was fulfilling the request to make him look like he was bleeding when you cut into him! Cherry pie filling was the trick and the cake was a hit. The figures were all made of fondant and the couch and his body were red velvet cake with vanilla buttercream filling.

Here’s what the client had to say.
That cake was fantastic!!!! I loved your attention to detail and creativity with it. Everyone raved how great it was! I had to argue with a couple people to actually cut it, when I did start serving it up everyone was telling me how delicious it was. It was great, thank you soooo much! –Kelli


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